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The Vocaloid Got the Bike!

Kev will like this. It's a wallpaper, can be found here.

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Evangelion/Alpine A310

Manga and anime are not just about Japanese cars. They are also about obscure French cars that no one really wants. Case in point, Neon Genesis Evangelion (And Evangelion Rebuild. -bleh movie series thingie which I refuse to watch-)

Manga gets the interior right... Driving gloves!

Anime... Not so much. It's an automatic! MISATO WTF.
Bonus teenager weenie picture content.



Motaku is a blog dedicated to Japanese animated/comic art and car culture in general. Thus all of us editors are undoubtedly feeling the massive kit of the Tsunami on the northeastern coast of our "home country on another hemisphere."

"Donating money is easy, volunteering time is giving", but most of us cannot fly to help. The idea that Japan has enough money is preposterous, the country risks a fiscal crisis and great part of it's infrastructure is mangled. Therefore, I urge all of you to participate with at least a small donation. The Red Cross has donation links set up on it's website, while if you want to make sure that your money goes to the right hands please visit ShirtsTuckedIn's Japan Donation Fund and fire up your paypal account. Thank you VERY much!

Our hearts are with the Japanese people affected by the disaster. Godspeed.

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Turbos and Temples

I drive a Mazda. So naturally I frequent a VW forum, The Car Lounge. (Don't ask.)Someone over there posted this most excellent video, which will go hand in hand with one of my famous long posts that I'm cooking up for tomorrow.

High quality footage, captivating car culture, great people, more then neat sounds and scenery. Enjoy your road trip to Hokkaido!

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Auto-Iconography: BMW 507

Relatively little-known sports car from BMW in the late 50's, the 507 would later serve as inspiration for the Z3, Z4, and Z8.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

While I'd rather do a whole write-up on the S20 as it is an amazing power plant, I just have to share this video. Nothing like hooning one of the rarest cars with one of the rarest engines in the world.

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Speaking of Porsche...

I remember finding this video a few years ago, unfortunately it never got the attention it deserves.

Junkyard Dog's 1st Shakedown from Tristan Bayless on Vimeo.

A little background on the awesome main character of this video:

Filmed during the year 2000, this video is the only chronicle of the "Junkyard Dog's" rise to glory.

The chassis is custom tube-frame with a bare 911 roof and rear shell. Additional body panels are either fibreglass or plastic.

The engine is a 1.7l flat-four from a '69 Porsche 912.

With fuel and fluids, it weighed approx. 1500 lbs.

Over the span of 8 years, the Junkyard Dog competed in dozens of PCA autocrosses, winning several overall, and many NHA hillclimbs across northern California and into Oregon.

The 'Dog competed in our family until Spring of 2008, when it was sold to another speed bandit who continues to use it for hillclimbing today.

This reminds me of a post on the Pelican Parts forums where a bunch of old Porsche drivers chronicle their stories and adventures at the great american tooj, the Mulholland Drive. Tales of a ground low, chopped Porsche monster soared around, a car that bombed the drive up and down, with no rivals. This might have been inspired by it.

I'll have to dig that thread up and find some pictures.

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The Car in Front is a VW Beetle

Self explanatory title, click here for the video since embedding is blocked. Classic Beetles are probably the only VWs I can say I kinda-sorta like. And fast Beetles rock, especially the road racing kind.

Auto-Iconography: AE86

Legends of Combustion: GM LT5

What will become a recurring column on the blog is Legends of Combustion. An in-depth look at historically significant power plants from throughout the ages of automobiles. Today we're looking at the GM LT5:

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When you see it ...

"What the hell, Kev? That was a lame ass video."

... Look closely. It could just be one of his many, many followers, but could Tony Taka (this shit is REALLY NSFW) himself be an S13 lover?

Even if it's not, the idea of one of the greatest illustrators in Anime history being a Nissan fan is still an amusing thought. Looks like he needs to put the pencils down and get some more seat time (look who's talking :B ). Still, the sound of a normally aspirated SR20 driven in anger does sound pretty good!